Lovely property in Cheltenham, one elevation at a time, being given three coats of Lime Earth Paint for longevity because of the size and cost of scaffolding to recoat.
As with limewash, our limepaint is slightly soluble and does ‘dissolve’ slowly over time, which would eventually lead to the substrate or paint (if different in colour) showing through.
We have been hand making our paint for over 20 years, and now have old customers coming back to us to recoat. One in Wincanton, after 16 years!! Which is a lot longer than we were anticipating or even hoping it could last between coats.
The colour in the final photograph is taken after the first coat of Natural Off White, a typical shade of many of the Regency buildings’ stucco work in the area…photo provided courtesy of Jonathon Walker of eco decorators, based in Gloucester.