Tired of limewashing every couple of years?

Just had an order for Natural Off White confirmed by this building owner..tired of limewashing every couple of years, over Cambridge reds brickwork. These Bricks are extremely porous and soft, and many were replaced, bedded in lime mortar approximately four years ago. Many of the good surviving bricks still have traces of masonry paint on [...]

Tired of limewashing every couple of years?2021-07-19T11:32:13+01:00

Half timber framed half solid brick built

Lime Earth Paint 'Natural Off White' over repaired lime plaster panels, on a grade II listed Arts and Crafts house (half timber framed half solid brick built) following some minor timber repairs carried out last summer. Port Sunlight Village, Wirral. Perfectly breathable, and less soluble than pure limewash - putting the building owners' mind [...]

Half timber framed half solid brick built2021-06-03T13:53:34+01:00

Natural Off White in Cheltenham

Lovely property in Cheltenham, one elevation at a time, being given three coats of Lime Earth Paint for longevity because of the size and cost of scaffolding to recoat. As with limewash, our limepaint is slightly soluble and does 'dissolve' slowly over time, which would eventually lead to the substrate or paint (if different [...]

Natural Off White in Cheltenham2021-05-17T10:46:40+01:00

Great use of Roussillon Ochre

Just received this from a regular customer of our Lime Earth Paint, Clinton Pugh from Oxford, who designed this, his house which recently sold for about £4million. The foreground risers etc are Roussillon Ochre and the lime rendered building is pale Roussillon (one natural off white mixed with one Roussillon). He's more used to [...]

Great use of Roussillon Ochre2021-04-23T08:21:11+01:00

Nordic Lime Earth Paint

Nordic Lime Earth Paint for the lath and lime plastered walls next, white limewash for the ceilings after some lengthy delays..

Nordic Lime Earth Paint2021-04-23T08:21:54+01:00

Damp Basement Transformation

What damp basements can become using imagination, hard work, and six and a half tonnes of standard 1:3 coarse haired and unhaired lime plaster with a final 1: 1 fine puttylime topcoat: silver sand with seived stonedust. Painted with Lime Earth Paints Natural off White. [...]

Damp Basement Transformation2021-04-23T08:10:48+01:00

Restocking The Greenshop, Stroud

Just back in from a Lime Earth Paint stock delivery to The Greenshop near Stroud, and noticed a handy Lime practitioners guide for sale next to a display of our 100ml matchpots, by Jane Schofield. Looks like from the weather, that I did this delivery before the snow kicks in!

Restocking The Greenshop, Stroud2021-04-23T08:05:10+01:00
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